Hiring a Bahamas Appraiser

The Bahamas’ Real Estate (Brokers and Salesmen Act) protects property values by requiring that properties be appraised by a licensed Bahamas appraiser. However, not every appraiser has the appropriate license to conduct appraisals in The Bahamas. Some foreign appraisers have been working in the country without being licensed and causing havoc. Therefore, you should be very careful when you hire a foreign appraiser for your real estate appraisals in The Bahamas.

If you’re looking for a Bahamas appraiser, consider hiring an appraiser with extensive experience. Mike Lightbourn has been a real estate broker in The Bahamas since 1966. He graduated from the University of Oregon and Georgia Institute of Technology, where he studied real estate and insurance. He has also held positions in the Bahamas Real Estate Association and is a certified senior valuer of the International Real Estate Institute.

If you’re looking for an appraiser, consider hiring someone with a wealth of experience in residential, commercial, and investment property appraisals. The LX Bahamas Luxury Real Estate Group has an experienced appraisal team and is accepted by every major bank in The Bahamas. They also attend international continuing education courses to stay on top of the latest valuation techniques.

As a lawyer, a Bahamas appraiser is bound by the Code of Professional Conduct. These regulations govern fees charged to their clients. Generally, the fee charged is 2.5% of the consideration. However, this fee may increase or decrease depending on unforeseen circumstances. For example, if the property is used as a consulate office or residence for a consular official, he or she may charge a lower fee.

An appraiser does not need heavy equipment to do their job. Instead, they need a keen eye and a detailed knowledge of the market. The property appraiser must also be able to interpret plans and architect’s drawings. Ultimately, an appraiser’s job is to satisfy the client’s wishes and needs.

Lorraine McLaughlin’s mother’s side of the family traces back to 1648, the year the first European settlers of the Bahamas began settling in Spanish Wells. She has a family tree preserved by her great uncle. The family tree includes traditional Bahamian surnames like Johnson, Lowe, Roberts, Kelly, and Pinder.

bahamas appraisers Mary Ann McLaughlin is licensed as a real estate broker and appraiser in The Bahamas. She is a member of the Bahamas Real Estate Association. She also has a successful real estate company on Spanish Wells. Her knowledge of the local area has given her a reputation in the industry. She has a wealth of experience and integrity.

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